Promoting fair, efficient and transparent financial markets

Promoting fair, efficient and transparent financial markets



    Exemption for small offers of co-operative shares

    Submissions close Friday 6 May 2016.  Read more >


    Response to submissions

    On proposed variations to standard conditions of market services licences

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Latest guidance

Latest guidance


Case updates

Case updates

  • PTT update

    PTT investigation update

    Four companies have been placed into liquidation at the Auckland High Court, following an investigation undertaken by the FMA into Steven Robertson, PTT Limited and related entities. Read details here.

  • Seeking PTT investors

    Seeking PTT investors

    We want to contact anyone who has invested with Mr Steven Robertson through PTT Ltd; Maxwell Foster Ltd; Harrington Group Ltd; Gibson McLeod Ltd; Russell & Brown Ltd; Armstrong Group Ltd; Morrison Ross Ltd or Alba International Ltd. Read details here.

Thinking of getting financial advice?

financial advice

If you want to make an investment, buy a mortgage or insurance – or plan for your long-term future, you may benefit from speaking to a financial adviser.

Here, we’ll help you understand when to get advice, the types of advisers available and how to find one.

We’ll also explain the level of service to expect from your adviser and the safeguards in place to protect you and your money.

Property syndicates - get the facts


Do you understand the risks when it comes to property syndicates?

Property syndicates enable you to invest in commercial, residential and industrial property by pooling your money with other investors. They typically offer higher returns but can be riskier than other forms of property investment. It’s also important to note that high returns aren’t guaranteed and your money will usually be locked in. 

Download our guide and a checklist that explains some of the things to think about before you invest.

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