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  1. 21 June 2017

    Group appointed to develop new code of conduct for financial advice

    Hon Jacqui Dean12 June 2017 Nine people have been appointed to a working group to develop the new code of conduct for financial advice, Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Jacqui Dean announced today. “The new code of conduct will be wider in scope than the existing code and will set standards of competence, conduct and client-care for the whole financial advice industry,” Ms Dean says. “This change in scope is part of the review of the Financia...


  2. 19 June 2017

    Elizabeth Longworth appointed as new FMA Board member

    Hon Jacqui Dean19 June 2017 Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Jacqui Dean has today announced the appointment of Elizabeth Longworth to the Financial Markets Authority. “I am pleased to confirm Ms Longworth’s appointment to the FMA for a term of three years,” Ms Dean says. “Ms Longworth brings to the FMA strong international policy and regulatory experience, as well as valuable governance and legal experience. “I would like to acknowledge...


  3. 15 June 2017

    Lower cost option for sending annual reports

    Hon Jacqui Dean15 June 2017 Listed companies and other financial markets businesses will now have alternative options for sending annual reports, saving them money and time, says Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Jacqui Dean. “Cabinet has agreed to changes to the Financial Markets Conduct Regulations 2014 which will allow ‘FMC reporting entities’ to reduce the number of annual reports they send,” Ms Dean says. “This will result in time and...


  4. 7 June 2017

    Government response to review of retirement income policies

    Hon Jacqui Dean7 June 2017 The Government has today released its response to the Retirement Commissioner’s review on retirement income policies, Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Jacqui Dean says. “Earlier this year the Government announced key changes to superannuation settings which are in line with the Commissioner’s recommendation,” Ms Dean says. “The review also addressed other key areas including KiwiSaver settings, the ageing workf...


  5. 2 June 2017

    Reappointment to Financial Advisers Disciplinary Committee

    Hon Jacqui Dean2 June 2017 Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Jacqui Dean today announced the reappointment of Tracey Berry as a member of the Financial Advisers Disciplinary Committee for a term of five years. “Ms Berry was appointed to the disciplinary committee in December 2010. Ms Berry brings to the role more than 20 years’ experience in financial services, specialising in wealth management, regulatory affairs, compliance and distribution,...


  6. 29 May 2017

    Increased investor confidence welcomed

    Hon Jacqui Dean29 May 2017 Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Jacqui Dean today welcomed the Financial Markets Authority annual survey results which shows confidence in New Zealand’s financial markets rose nine per cent in 2016. “Investor confidence has shown a strong increase since last year. This follows significant reforms by the Government of the investment regulatory landscape,” Ms Dean says. “The Financial Markets Conduct Act, which cam...


  7. 25 May 2017

    $10.2m to improve financial capability of young New Zealanders

    Hon Jacqui Dean25 May 2017 Budget 2017 is investing $10.2 million of operating funding over the next four years for initiatives to improve the financial capability of young New Zealanders, Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Jacqui Dean says. “This additional funding confirms our commitment to helping young New Zealanders to better manage their finances, as was signalled in the 2015 Government statement on building financial capability,” Ms Dean...


  8. 8 March 2017

    Minister welcomes FMA guidance on KiwiSaver

    Hon Jacqui Dean8 March 2017 Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Jacqui Dean today welcomed the release of FMA guidance intended to make basic advice about KiwiSaver available to more New Zealanders.  “Some of the most important financial decisions kiwis make are joining KiwiSaver, and working out what type of fund to invest in,” says Ms Dean  “The guidance makes it clear that a lot of simple advice about KiwiSaver falls within the category of...


  9. 17 February 2017

    Release of Draft Bill for new financial advice legislation

    Hon Jacqui Dean17 February 2017 Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Jacqui Dean has released an exposure draft of the Bill that will amend the regulation of financial advice in New Zealand. “The current regulation of financial advice is seen to be overly complex and has imposed regulatory barriers that are preventing people from receiving the advice they need,’ Ms Dean says. “Last July the Government announced the overarching design of an amend...


  10. 18 November 2016

    KiwiSaver myth-busting roadshow begins

    Paul Goldsmith18 November 2016 Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Paul Goldsmith launched the KiwiSaver Myth-Busting Roadshow, run by Commission for Financial Capability (CFFC), in Gisborne today. “For many New Zealanders their point of contact with financial markets is KiwiSaver. It is vital that people have access to accurate information so that they can get the most out of it,” says Mr Goldsmith. “The roadshow is about helping all New Zealan...


  11. 3 November 2016

    Funding boost for FMA and Companies Office

    Paul Goldsmith3 November 2016 Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Paul Goldsmith has today announced the government’s approval to increase funding for the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) and the Companies Office. “The increased funding will help these organisations maintain a well-regulated business environment for New Zealanders. “The FMA will get an additional $9.8 million per year and the Companies Office, an additional $5.3 million per yea...


  12. 1 November 2016

    Changes to Financial Markets Conduct Act

    Paul Goldsmith1 November 2016 Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Paul Goldsmith has today announced the approval of a number of changes to the financial markets conduct regime. “The Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 and associated regulations came into effect on 1 December 2014 and industry participants were given a two year transition period to become fully compliant and licensed,” says Mr Goldsmith. “As we move towards the 1 December 2016 de...


  13. 5 October 2016

    Transparency coming for KiwiSaver fees

    Paul Goldsmith5 October 2016 The Financial Markets Authority’s (FMA) KiwiSaver Annual report, tabled in Parliament today, provides a comprehensive snapshot of KiwiSaver engagement says Minister for Commerce and Consumer Affairs Paul Goldsmith. “The report shows growth in people using KiwiSaver to help save for their first home and a continued increase in KiwiSaver membership. For the first time, the number of New Zealanders transferring between schem...


  14. 29 September 2016

    Commerce appointments announced

    Paul Goldsmith 29 September 2016 Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Paul Goldsmith has today announced the appointment of Ainsley McLaren to the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) Board and the reappointment of Sir Bruce Robertson and Simon Hassan to the Disciplinary Committee under the Financial Advisers Act. Ms McLaren has been appointed as a new member of the FMA Board for a five-year term. “Ms McLaren has a strong managed funds and investment b...


  15. 11 August 2016

    Minister calls for consumers to take stock of finances

    Paul Goldsmith11 August 2016 Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Paul Goldsmith has today called for people to use the drop in the Official Cash Rate (OCR) as a chance to review finances and savings and consider debt reduction. “With the fall in the OCR and possible flow on to mortgage and deposit rates, it is an opportune time to make sure you are making the choices that are right for you. This includes whether or not to consolidate debt, or move a...


  16. 25 July 2016

    Consultation for FMA funding, FMA and XRB levies and Companies Office fees opens

    Paul Goldsmith25 July 2016 Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Paul Goldsmith has called for submissions on the reviews of Financial Markets Authority (FMA) funding, the FMA levy, the External Reporting Board levy (XRB) and New Zealand Companies Office fees. “The FMA requires sufficient funding to carry out its statutory responsibilities and maintain confidence in New Zealand’s financial markets,” says Mr Goldsmith. “The FMA’s budget was set...


  17. 13 July 2016

    Financial Advisers regime to be updated

    Paul Goldsmith13 July 2016 Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Paul Goldsmith has announced plans for changes to the Financial Advisers Act (FAA) and the Financial Service Providers Act (FSPA). “The changes come after a comprehensive review, which will simplify regulation, enable advisers to have sensible conversations and encourage more people to seek high quality advice tailored to their needs. “A lot has happened since these Acts were originall...


  18. 29 June 2016

    Minister welcomes insurance report

    Paul Goldsmith29 June 2016 Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Paul Goldsmith has welcomed the release of the Financial Markets Authority’s (FMA) review of insurance replacement business today. “Transparency is vital for consumers to have confidence in markets and make informed decisions,” says Mr Goldsmith. “Insurance replacement is an area where there has been considerable scrutiny, particularly to determine if ‘churn’ in the life insura...