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Warning: Beware of a company trading as Eco Investments Group

The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) is warning people to beware of a company offering a risk-free, high-return investment programme.

The company trades as Eco Investments Group and the FMA warns anyone dealing with them to exercise extreme caution before obtaining any financial services, or acquiring any financial products.

The FMA says that Eco Investments Group is regularly advertising in New Zealand newspapers offering what it says are guaranteed, high-returns for relatively little investment. The FMA has received several complaints about the company.

Eco Investments Group is neither registered nor licensed to provide financial services in New Zealand.

The FMA has contacted the company requesting them to stop advertising in New Zealand and has made contact with New Zealand newspaper publishers urging them to decline the company’s advertisements.

The FMA encourages investors to seek professional financial advice that is personalised for their own circumstances.

Eco Investments Group operates two websites: www.ecoinvestmentgroup.com andwww.ecovexcoinvestmentgroup.com/