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XRB deputy chairperson appointed

Craig Foss
14 June, 2012

Commerce Minister Craig Foss today announced the appointment of Graeme Mitchell as the deputy chairperson of the External Reporting Board (XRB).

"Mr Mitchell's background is in auditing and the not-for-profit sector, he also has extensive governance experience," says Mr Foss.

Mr Mitchell sits on a number of boards including the National Provident Fund, the Council of Victoria University of Wellington, Barnardos New Zealand, and Karori Sanctuary Trust. He also chairs the audit committees of the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

The External Reporting Board is an independent Crown entity responsible for the development and issuing of accounting and auditing and assurance standards in New Zealand.

Lynn Wood, the chairperson of the Australian Financial Reporting Council, sits on Board as a cross-appointed member.

Graeme Mitchell has been a member of the XRB since it was established last year.