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Financial Markets Authority appointments announced

Paul Goldsmith
14 June 2016

Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Paul Goldsmith today announced the appointment of Vanessa Stoddart and the reappointment of Mary Holm to the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) Board.

Ms Stoddart has been appointed to the FMA Board for a five-year term and Ms Holm has been reappointed for a further three years.

“I am pleased with the wealth of experience these appointments bring,” says Mr Goldsmith.

“Ms Stoddart has extensive management and governance experience at a number of large listed companies, as well as her legal and human resources background.

“Ms Holm is a renowned expert on personal finance and has provided a valuable consumer perspective to the FMA Board,” says Mr Goldsmith.

Mr Goldsmith also acknowledges outgoing board member Michael Webb and associate board member Rebecca Eele.

“Michael Webb and Rebecca Eele have both been key contributors to the governance of the FMA. The Authority’s performance over the past five years during their appointments has seen increased confidence in our capital markets and contributed to a more competitive and productive economy,” says Mr Goldsmith.