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Appointments to Copyright Tribunal

Craig Foss
19 July, 2012

Commerce Minister Craig Foss today announced three new appointments to the Copyright Tribunal.

Professor Graeme Austin, Jane Glover, and Warwick Smith have been appointed for a term of one year commencing 1 August 2012.

"I am pleased to announce the appointment of all three new members," says Mr Foss. "Their knowledge and expertise in the areas of information technology and copyright law will be very useful to the Tribunal, now and into the future."


Professor Graeme Austin
Graeme Austin a professor of law at Victoria University. He has extensive experience in intellectual property law, both in private practice and academia.

Jane Glover
Jane Glover is a lawyer practising in the areas of intellectual property litigation and general commercial litigation. Ms Glover has assisted with writing a number of decisions pursuant to the World Intellectual Property Organisation uniform domain name dispute resolution policy.

Warwick Smith
Warwick Smith is a barrister sole and arbitrator. Mr Smith holds an appointment from the World Intellectual Property Organisation as an international domain name panellist.