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    12 December 2017

    Class legislative notices summary

    Tuesday 12 December 2017 Read our latest update that summarises all of our class legislative notices, including exemptions, designations, frameworks or methodologies, and public accountability notices granted, effective as at 1 December 2017. The summary is a good resource for those interested in a brief overview and scope of the different types of notices we grant. You can also find these notices on the New Zealand legislation website....

    16 August 2017

    Recent changes to financial markets regulations

    Wednesday 19 August 2017 Read our latest update on changes to regulation in the following areas: making annual reports available to shareholders electronically; fees and levies; defined benefit schemes register obligations; civil liability and rating agency.

    12 December 2016

    FMA legislative notices supporting the FMC Act regime up to 9 December 2016

    Monday 12 December 2016 Read our latest update - Legislative notices supporting operation under the FMC Act regime. 30 November 2016 marked the end of the transitional period the industry was required to move to operating under the FMC Act 2013 regime.  Since 1 December 2016, businesses could no longer operate under the Securities Act or Securities Markets Act.  While a small number of businesses may have financial statements still to be filed under...

    3 October 2016

    FMA legislative notices supporting the FMC Act regime up to 30 September 2016

    Monday 3 October 2016 Read our latest Regulatory update on our legislative notices work to support businesses implementing the FMC Act. This update summarises our work on legislative notices (including exemptions, designations, public accountability notices, frameworks, and methodologies) up to the end of September 2016 to give a picture of our progress and plans to implement notices to support the FMC Act regime.  It provides a summary of: legislativ...

    19 May 2016

    FMA legislative notices supporting the FMC Act regime

    To support businesses implementing the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMC Act), the FMA has been working, in consultation with the sector, on various legislative tools such as exemptions, frameworks, methodologies, public accountability notices, and designations (the FMA’s legislative tools).

    19 November 2015

    Financial Markets Conduct Regulations amended

    While the Financial Markets Conduct Regulations 2014 (FMC Regulations) covered the detail necessary for the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMC Act) to come into force on 1 December 2014, the size and complexity of the reforms meant the Government needed to defer some non-urgent matters.