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It can be hard thinking about retirement when it seems such a long way off, but setting and working towards a goal for your retirement today will improve your lifestyle later.  

3 steps to setting your retirement goal:

1. Work out what your expenses will be when you retire 

Have a look at your expenses and see what’s likely to change. Hopefully you’ll have paid off your mortgage and you may no longer need life insurance, but you may want to spend more on leisure activities or holidays. Think about the type of lifestyle you’ll want, and make a list of all the costs you’ll need to cover. A financial adviser can help you with this.

To give you an idea…Kate and John live in Auckland City. Their children have left home and they have no mortgage. They’ve cancelled their life insurance but have decided to increase their private health cover. They enjoy going out for the occasional meal, to the movies and on holiday in New Zealand at least once a year. They’ve looked at the Massey University’s Retirement Expenditure Guidelines and worked out they’d need at least $500 per week on top of NZ Super to live this kind of lifestyle.
*As at 2015.

2. See what you’re on track to receive

Use the Sorted retirement planner tool to work out how much income you’re likely to have when you retire – consider KiwiSaver and other financial assets, such as your house or savings plans.

3. Set a goal to meet any shortfall.

If the income you’re on track to receive is less than you need, your goal will be to invest enough to make up the difference. See our set your investment goals page for more information.