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KiwiSaver and other managed funds

It’s a good idea to review your KiwiSaver or other managed funds accounts at least once a year.

You can do this using the various reports investment providers publish – these are listed below. Even if you have an adviser, it’s still important for you to receive a copy and read them yourself.

Report type

How it helps you

Annual personalised statement 

Shows your account balance, including all contributions received during the year. For KiwiSaver this will include contributions from your employer and the government.

KiwiSaver scheme providers must give you this each year. Other managed funds may provide similar information.

Provides the information you need to make sure your account is correct, and you’re on track to achieve your KiwiSaver goal.

When reading your statement, check:

  • contributions made by you and your employer
  • that your money is invested in the correct fund
  • that you’re paying the correct level of tax
  • that you’re on track to achieve your goal.

Fund update

Gives details of how each investment fund has performed, what fees have been charged and other key information.

KiwiSaver, superannuation schemes and other managed funds publish quarterly updates and an annual update.

Enables you to compare the different investment funds available and make sure you’re in the right fund for your current situation and goals.

See our understand return and why fees matter pages to learn more.

Annual report

All KiwiSaver and other managed funds must give you a copy of their annual report, or a link to it on their website, within six months of their scheme's financial year-end.

This describes any changes made to the scheme in the last year and how investments have performed against the scheme’s goals.

KiwiSaver and superannuation schemes will also give details of the size of the scheme’s membership, total funds invested and investment returns.

Tells you how your scheme is performing, how it’s being managed and if the auditor has raised any issues.

You can request other information from your scheme provider at any time:

  • An estimate of your balance
  • The amount of fees you have paid (if not clear in your annual statement)
  • Their full financial statements and any audit reports*
  • A copy of the most recent product disclosure statement for the scheme*
  • A copy of the scheme’s Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO)*
  • A copy of the scheme's trust deed*

* These documents can also be found on the Disclose Register.

You can keep track of any KiwiSaver contributions paid to Inland Revenue (before being passed onto your KiwiSaver account) by registering for My KiwiSaver on the official KiwiSaver website.