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Track your investments

Don’t ‘set and forget’ your investments. Use the information available from your investment provider to track progress towards your goals. 

3 reasons you should track your investments:

  1. You’re more likely to meet your investment goal. If you review your investments at least once a year, you can see how well you’re tracking towards your goal and identify if you need to make any changes. For example if your financial situation has changed, you may want to take more or less risk with your money. Or if your return isn’t high enough, you could invest more, or invest in a product that offers higher growth for the level of risk you’re comfortable with.
  2. You’ll know how much you’re paying in fees. All investments charge a fee and over time this can make a big difference to your net return (return after fees and taxes are deducted). Make sure you know what you’re paying and how this compares to other similar investments. The net return should reward you enough for the level of risk you’re taking. Use our KiwiSaver Tracker to see how your fund compares. Learn more about why fees matter.
  3. You’re more likely to spot potential problems. If you read your provider’s annual report (or a scheme’s annual report if you’re in a managed fund like KiwiSaver), you’ll be able to identify any risks your investment could be exposed to. See our information on the warning signs to look for. 
Good record keeping is an essential part of investing. We recommend you store your investment records in a safe place so you can easily find them for accounting and tax purposes. It will save you from stress in the future.