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Transferring funds from other countries

Transferring your pension funds from other countries

If you are a current New Zealand resident who wants to transfer pension funds from your country of origin to New Zealand, you need to check whether the laws in your country allow you to do so.

There are tax and financial implications to consider before making a decision. The Inland Revenue Department’s website provides some information on the taxation of foreign superannuation, but you should get advice from a tax expert and a financial adviser before making a decision.

Read about transferring money from Australian superannuation to New Zealand.

From April 2015, you cannot transfer UK pension funds to NZ, read more here.

Transferring your other NZ super scheme into KiwiSaver

If you are a New Zealander wanting to transfer money you have saved in a private or workplace superannuation scheme into a KiwiSaver scheme, you need to check the following:

  • whether the trust deeds of your superannuation scheme and the KiwiSaver scheme allow you to do so
  • whether the trustees of your superannuation scheme and the manager of the KiwiSaver scheme agree to the transfer.

You can contact Inland Revenue about KiwiSaver here.

If you are seeking advice about KiwiSaver schemes, you should talk to an authorised financial adviser.