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The Disclose Register

Detailed information about offers of financial products is available online at a new government website called the Disclose Register.

Information on the Disclose Register includes things such as:

  • financial statements
  • information about the provider such as constitutional documents and description of key contracts
  • for managed investment schemes, how the provider manages the investment (their Statement of Investment Performance and Objectives)

You’ll also find a copy of the Product disclosure statement (PDS).

Providers must keep this information up-to-date while they continue to offer their investment, so you can check online for the latest information.

Use the investment offer or scheme number to find information quickly and easily

The Disclose Register contains two separate registers of information – one for offers and one for schemes.

  • Search in the ‘Offers’ register for information about offers of financial products such as bonds, shares and derivatives.
  • Search in the ‘Schemes’ register for information about investment schemes who manage products such as managed funds and superannuation schemes.

In each case, the easiest way to search is to enter the offer or scheme number. You’ll find this in the PDS. The person offering you the investment must give you a copy of the PDS before you invest.

If you need further help with searching visit the ‘Searching for an offer or scheme’ page on the Disclose Register website.

If you are purchasing financial products from someone other than the original issuer, for example, buying shares that are already listed on the NZX, the PDS and the Disclose Register information may be out of date.

Information updates for companies listed on the NZX are published on the NZX website.