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Licensed peer-to-peer lending services


The FMA has issued a licence to the following providers to provide peer-to-peer lending services:


Company name

Trading name

Authorised body*

FSP490907 ChangeFund Pty Ltd ChangeFund  
FSP10701 Citizens Brokerage Limited   Citizens First Mortgage Nominees Limited
FSP368046 Harmoney Corp Limited Harmoney

Harmoney Limited
Harmoney Investor Trustee Limited

FSP390986 Lending Crowd Limited   Finance Direct Limited
Oogaware Limited
FSP359926 PledgeMe Limited Pledgeme  
FSP16281 Southern Cross Partners Limited
(Previously SCFL Management Limited)
  SCFL Nominees Limited
FSP354706 Squirrel Money Limited Squirrel Money  

Zagga Limited 
(Previously Lendme Limited)

Lend Me
Magna Trust Company Limited

*An authorised body is a related body corporate that has been authorised by FMA to provide a service covered by the licence.

You can find out further details including the provider's business address, list of services and the name of their independent dispute resolution scheme on the Financial Service Providers Register.

Note, if you have come across a New Zealand based peer-to-peer lending website that is not on our list, please let us know.