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  1. 1 May 2015

    Information sheet: Class exemptions for managing intermediaries

    150702 Information sheet: class exemptions for managing intermediaries
    A ministerial class exemption has been granted relating to customer due diligence obligations for managing intermediaries, under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009. The exemption comes into force from 3 July, 2015. This information sheet helps reporting entities understand it.


  2. 21 December 2012

    AML/CFT beneficial ownership guideline

    121221 Beneficial Ownership Guideline Related documents The fact sheets should be read in conjunction with the beneficial ownership guideline. 130401 AML CFT Customer Due Diligence – Clubs and societies fact sheet 130401 AML CFT Customer Due Diligence Co-operatives fact sheet 130401 AML CFT Customer Due Diligence – Sole traders and partnerships fact sheet 130401 AML...


  3. 1 December 2012

    AML/CFT issuers of securities and participants in issues guideline

    121201 AML/CFT guideline Issuers of securities and participants in issues
    This guideline clarifies that FMA considers that the interpretation of a financial institution under the AML/CFT Act is not restricted to issues of securities to the public. A business will be 'participating in securities issues' in the ordinary course of business if it participates in a wholesale or retail offer of securities as an issuer and/or a promoter, acting as a trustee, unit trustee, superannuation trustee or collective investment scheme fund manager.


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