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15 December 2016 - Auditor reporting standards

The new and revised auditor reporting standards are effective for audits of listed entities for all periods ending on or after 15 December 2016. 


1 December 2016 - Offer Information

Securities Act issuers who did not elect an effective date will automatically transition and be subject to the FMC Act from 1 December 2016.


1 December 2016 - Financial reporting

All Securities Act issuers that transitioned to the FMC Act will have become FMC reporting entities. These entities can no longer prepare financial statements for any balance dates after 30 November 2016 under the Financial Reporting Act 1993.


1 December 2016 - Licensing

Any remaining derivatives issuer transitional licences expire.


30 November 2016 - Offers under the Securities Act 

Transitional period ends. Offers can no longer be made under the Securities Act 1978. 


30 Jun 2016

MIS licensing - plan to submit your application by the first half of this year. Read more ›


1 July - 31 August 2016 - AML/CFT

Businesses who are reporting entities are required to submit their annual report online on their risk assessment and AML/CFT programme. 


1 Jun 2016 - some amendments to the FMC Act Regulations take effect.

See our Regulation Update (19 Nov 2015) for specific details.


10 - 16 Feb - FAA Review February forums

All financial advisers and interested stakeholders are welcome but spaces are limited. Register here.


1 December 2015 - DIMS

  • All class DIMS providers must have a license  under the FMC Act to continue to provide class DIMS.
  • FMC Act DIMS licensees must have sent notice to existing clients advising the FMC Act applies, custodian details and that an SDS is available. Documentation for clients must comply with FMC Act regime. (Unless licence issued after 30 September 2015, in which case the relevant date is 3 months after the date of issue.)

1 December 2015 - Investor money and property provision

All derivatives issuers (i.e. including those with a transitional licence who have been complying with the Futures Industry (Client Funds) Regulations 1990, have to comply with the derivatives investor money and property provision in the FMC Regulations (Regulations 238-250).


1 December 2015 - Offer information

All derivative issuers (i.e. incluing those under a transitional licence with disclosure conditions) must use an FMC PDS for regulated offers of derivatives.


30 November 2015 - DIMS

AFAs who are personalised DIMS providers must have sent written notice to existing clients regarding description of service and scope of investment authority, comply with ongoing and annual reporting obligations.


30 November 2015 - Offers under the Securities Act

First year of the transitional period is completed. Only continuous issuers and entities that did not require a prospectus as a result of a FMA exemption can continue to offer under the Securities Act 1978.


9 September - 8 October Consultation

Proposed FMC Act exemption for offers made through AFAs providing personalised DIMS.


15 August - 30 September 2015 - Regulatory reporting

The next AFA Information Return opens for AFAs to complete from this date.


31 July 2015 - Financial reporting

New financial reporting deadline for FMC reporting entities with a balance date of 31 March 2015 to lodge their financial statements with the Registrar. 


6 July - 15 Aug Consultation

Draft guidance on risk indicators and descriptions of managed funds.


29 June 2015 - AML/CFT Independent Audit

All businesses who are AML/CFT reporting entities must have conducted their AML/CFT independent audit of their risk assessment/compliance programme (if they have been a reporting entity for 2 years).


1 July 2015 - FAA discussion workshop - Wellington

Together with MBIE we are hosting discussion workshops to discuss the key issues identified for the Finanical Adviser and Financial Service Provider (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Acts review. 


1 June 2015 - derivatives investor money and property provision

New derivatives issuers have to comply with derivatives investor money and property provision in the FMC Regulations (Regulations 238-250).

MBIE and the FMA are aware that the trust account reconciliation requirements may not be appropriate for some types of derivatives-related activities.  The FMA is looking at developing relief for those derivatives issuers not able to comply with the reconciliation requirements. Any relief developed will be in place before 1 June 2015.  The relief will be subject to alternative reconciliation requirements to ensure sufficient verification of investor money and property.  Contact us if you have questions.


25 June 2015 - FAA discussion workshop - Christchurch

Together with MBIE we are hosting discussion workshops to discuss the key issues identified for the Finanical Adviser and Financial Service Provider (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Acts review.


24 June 2015 - FAA discussion workshop Auckland

Together with MBIE we are hosting discussion workshops to discuss the key issues identified for the Finanical Adviser and Financial Service Provider (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Acts review. 


1 June 2015 - Offer Information

Disclosure under Part 3 of the FMC Act (i.e. via a PDS) applies from this date to newly licensed derivatives issuers and those with a transitional licences without discloure conditions. 


31 May 2015 - DIMS 

By this date:

  • AFAs wishing to provide contingency DIMS for a client must before they provide contingency DIMS for that client have an independent custodian or ensure the client holds their own financial products and ensure the client agreement and investment authority for that client complies with Regulation 183. 
  • Existing DIMS providers providing class DIMS OR class and Personalised DIMS, must  have applied for an FMC licence, have an independent custodian. 
  • AFAs who are existing DIMS providers wishing to provide personalised DIMS only under the Financial Advisers Act, must have sent updated ABS to FMA, and have an independent custodian.
  • AFAs who are no longer providing DIMS, should have applied to remove DIMS from their FAS scope.  

w/c 20 April - DIMS Survey

Quick survey to gage how many applications FMA is expected to receive for AFA’s intending to apply for a DIMS licence in the coming weeks. 


2 - 22 April 2015 - Consultation

Limited disclosure and other requirements for $750,000 minimum investment wholesale investor exclusion. 

Is a class exemption required?  Consultation now closed.


1 April 2015 - Custodial services

Custodians to whom the Financial Advisers (Custodians of FMCA Financial Products) Regulations 2014 apply are required to provide client information from this date (Regulations 5 - 7). This does not affect MIS custodians.


31 March 2015 - Custodial services

This is the first balance date in relation to assurance engagements and reporting for custodians to whom the Financial Advisers (Custodians of FMC Act Financial Products) Regulations 2014 apply. Custodians with a 31 March balance date will need to obtain an assurance report from a licensed auditor or registered audit firm by 31 July 2014, and send it to the FMA within 20 working days of obtaining it.  This does not affect MIS custodians.


31 March 2015 - Financial reporting

First financial reporting balance date under the FMC Act for many FMC reporting entities. Those entities with a March balance date that became an FMC reporting entity on or after 31 March 1 April 2014 will need to prepare financial statements under Part 7 of the FMC Act, have them audited by a licensed auditor or registered audit firm, and lodge these with the Registrar by 31 July 2015. See more about financial reporting.


16 March - 2 April - Consultation

Proposed class exemption from financial reporting for small and medium-sized DIMS providers.  Consultation closed 2 April 2015. 


12 March - 2 April 2015 - Consultation

FMC Act Class Exemptions & other legislative tools

The FMA seeked preliminary comments and providing information on matters we believe should be considered for support by FMA’s legislative tools.  Consultation closed 2 April 2015.