Futures Dealers

All futures dealers must be authorised or approved and comply with the requirements set under the Securities Markets Act 1988.

Regulatory change coming soon:

The Securities Markets Act 1988 is due to be repealed on 1 December 2014 as part of the implementation of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMCA). This will mean that futures dealers will cease to be authorised from 1 December 2014.  Some authorised futures dealers will need a Derivatives Issuer licence from that date.  There are provisions for certain futures dealers to obtain a deemed Derivatives Issuer licence under the FMCA.  For further information on what these changes means for you, see the Derivatives Issuer section of our website.  Our flowchart do you need a derivative issuer licence from 1 December 2014 will help you decide whether you need a licence.


Information on what a futures dealer is, who needs to comply, and declarations as to whether contracts are futures contracts.

An explanation of authorisation and approval, and resources you need to become authorised by FMA.

The obligations for futures dealers and how they apply to different business types.

How we monitor, current focus areas and recent findings.

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