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  3. Strategic priorities

Strategic priorities

Our  Strategic Risk Outlook 2015 describes what we believe are the current and main drivers of risk to fair, efficient and transparent financial markets. 

Based on our identified drivers of risk, we have determined seven strategic priorities that will guide our operations over the next three years. Our goal is to raise trust and confidence in our financial markets, which we believe will deliver better outcomes for investors, businesses and our economy as a whole.

Seven key areas of focus

1. Governance and culture

Aim: Board and directors lead their organisation’s strategy, culture and values. 

2. Conflicted conduct
Aim: Market participants effectively manage conflicts of interest.

3. Capital market growth and integrity
Aim: Regulatory activities facilitate capital market growth and support market integrity.

4. Sales and advice
Aim: Sales processes and advisory services reflect the best interests of investors and consumers.

5. Investor decision making
Aim: Investors have access to resources that help them make informed financial decisions.

6. Effective frontline regulators
Aim: Frontline regulators are effective in their role.

7. FMA effectiveness and efficiency
Aim: The FMA is an effective and efficient regulator.

You can read the full copy of our Strategic Risk Outlook 2015.


2016 effectiveness and efficiency review 

Earlier this year we asked Deloitte to scrutinise the effectiveness and efficiency of our operations and structure. Read Deloitte’s letter which summarises their recommendations and how the FMA is responding to them.