Other sources: commentators, media, websites and books

Desktop, news publications and book-based research is another way to find out information about your investments.

Research outlets might include:


Financial institutions, brokers and financial advisers provide commentary and analysis, and often send recommendations to clients. You can visit their websites or ask to go onto mailing lists for newsletters and updates.

This form of research is a great way to become familiar with commentators thoughts on industry trends, challenges and successes.


Financial news is published in the business sections of daily, Sunday and weekly newspapers, and in several specialist magazines. News is also available online through news, radio and television websites.

You can set up daily alerts for online media articles on topics you are interested in. This form of research is a great way to keep up with daily investor news.


When researching investments online, you should always check who owns the site and whether their advice is independent and well-informed. If there are no names or proper contact details, treat the site with caution. Many scams are run via the Internet, so never send money or personal information to someone you only know over the Internet. The Scamwatch website has more information on scams.

Three main websites with a variety of investment information include New Zealand's exchange (NZX), Sorted and Interest.co.nz.

Books on investing

Your public library will have many books about investment, including books written specifically for New Zealanders. Visit your local library to explore research options to support you in your investment efforts.