Joining KiwiSaver

In order to join KiwiSaver you must:

  • Be a New Zealand citizen or be entitled to live in New Zealand indefinitely
  • Be living or normally living in New Zealand
  • Be under the age of eligibility for NZ Super (which is currently 65 years)

There are three ways to join KiwiSaver:

  • Automatic enrolment when you start a new job
  • Opting in through your employer
  • Opting in through a KiwiSaver provider

Whichever way you join, you must be given a copy of the scheme's investment statement. However, the way you receive this will vary depending on which way you join KiwiSaver.

  • If you are automatically enrolled in or choose to join your employer's chosen scheme, your employer will give you an investment statement along with a KiwiSaver information pack.
  • If you don't choose your scheme and your employer hasn't chosen a scheme, Inland Revenue will send you the investment statement once they have allocated you to a default scheme.
  • If you join directly, the KiwiSaver provider must give you the investment statement.

For more information on joining KiwiSaver, or for a list of KiwiSaver providers, see the Inland Revenue KiwiSaver website.

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To see how different funds compare, see ‘Choosing your scheme’ or view the Kiwisaver Fund Finder on Sorted

Benefits of KiwiSaver

Here are some benefits to consider when joining KiwiSaver:

  • If you’re employed, your employer has to contribute at least 3% of your gross wage or salary into your KiwiSaver account. That’s on top of your own contributions.
  • The government pays into your KiwiSaver account as well by way of an annual ‘member tax credit’ (if you are a contributing member aged 18 or over) of up to $521.
  • As well as saving for retirement, KiwiSaver can also help you save for your first home through a home deposit subsidy and home purchase withdrawal.
  • If you change jobs or leave the workforce your KiwiSaver account moves with you

KiwiSaver advice

There are a number of legislative requirements around the sale and distribution of KiwiSaver.

Different people you talk to about KiwiSaver have different levels of information or advice they are legally allowed to provide. Anyone can provide general information but only organisations or individuals registered to provide financial adviser services can provide you with generic advice.

If you want advice that's tailored to your personal circumstances, you'll need to talk to an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA) or an employee of a Qualifying Financial Entity (QFE) who can advise on their company's own KiwiSaver scheme.

See more about types of advice or download our brochure: KiwiSaver - are you getting the right advice?

TIP: Salespeople shouldn't pressure you or offer you rewards to join KiwiSaver. It's against the law to sell KiwiSaver door-to-door. Be wary if the KiwiSaver scheme is being sold as part of a bundle of other services or with a free offer attached. Although this is not against the law, it can be confusing, and might mean you don't fully understand what you're getting into.

If you've felt pressured to sign up for KiwiSaver, let us know.