KiwiSaver is a voluntary work-based savings scheme set up by the government to encourage New Zealanders to save for their retirement.

For many New Zealanders, KiwiSaver may be their first investment and may represent a large part of their retirement savings and ultimate financial security. Is your KiwiSaver on track to help you achieve a comfortable retirement? Take our KiwiSaver health check to find out.

Your KiwiSaver 

If you're employed, you can choose to contribute 3%, 4% or 8% of your gross (before-tax) wage or salary to your KiwiSaver account. Your employer has to contribute as well – at least 3% of your gross salary.

The FMA closely monitors those who manage, distribute and provide oversight of KiwiSaver schemes to make sure they meet regulatory standards and act with the best interests in mind for KiwiSaver members. 

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You can check information about who the trustee and manager is for your KiwiSaver scheme on our KiwiSaver register. We also report annually on how KiwiSaver providers are meeting their obligations.

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