Licensed managed investment scheme managers


All managed investment scheme managers must be licensed and registered on the Companies Office Disclose register by 1 December 2016. If a provider isn’t on our list, you can ask them about their intention to apply for a licence. 

The Financial Markets Authority has issued a licence to provide managed investment scheme manager services to the following providers:



Trading name

Authorised body*

FSP3341 Accordia Asset Management Limited    
FSP37681 AMP Investment Management (NZ) Limited    

AMP Wealth Management New Zealand Limited

  AMP Services (NZ) Limited
FSP243965 AON Saver Limited    
FSP29024 ASB Group Investments Limited    
FSP3141 Aspiring Asset Management Limited    

Augusta Funds Management Limited


BNZ Investment Services Limited

Bnz Investment Services Limited  

Booster Investment Management Limited


BT Funds Management (NZ) Limited

Bt Funds Management (nz) Limited  
FSP323686 Castle Point Funds Management Limited    
FSP441126 Conrad Funds Management Limited    

Craigs Investment Partners Superannuation Management Limited


Devon Funds Management Limited

Devon Funds Management Limited  
FSP31642  First Mortgage Managers Limited    
FSP38581 Fisher Funds Management Limited    
FSP25021 Forsyth Barr Investment Management Limited   Forsyth Barr Limited
FSP30687 Fund Managers Otago Limited    
FSP46781 Gareth Morgan Investments Limited Partnership Gareth Morgan Investments

Kiwi Wealth Limited
GMI Wealth Limited

FSP271005 Generate Investment Management Limited Generate Investment Management Limited

Generate Investment Holdings Limited

FSP36542 Goodman (NZ) Limited   Goodman Property Services (NZ) Limited
FSP3241 Harbour Asset Management Limited    

Implemented Investment Solutions Limited

Implemented Investment Solutions  
FSP32422 IOOF New Zealand Limited    
FSP174204 JMIS Investment Management Limited    
FSP469326 Lifetime Asset Management Limited    
FSP289206 Mainland Capital Investment Management Limited    
FSP35849 Medical Assurance Society New Zealand Limited MAS  
FSP42742 Mercer (N.Z.) Limited    
FSP36001 Milford Funds Limited Milford Funds Limited Milford Asset Management Limited
FSP24461 Mint Asset Management Limited    
FSP358706 New Ground Capital Limited    

New Zealand Assets Management Limited

  NZAM Funds Limited 
FSP27062 New Zealand Funds Management Limited    
FSP389106 New Zealand Investment Portfolio Management Limited NZIPM  
FSP22562 Nikko Asset Management New Zealand Limited    

Oyster Management Limited

FSP34682 Pathfinder Asset Management Limited Pathfinder  

Pie Funds Management Limited

Pie Funds  
FSP40150 QuayStreet Asset Management Limited    

Roger Dickie (N.Z.) Limited


Senior Trust Management Limited

FSP487266 Silverfin Capital Limited Silverfin Property Limited, Silverfin Capital Limited  
FSP465606 Simplicity NZ Limited Sam Stubbs  
FSP26531 Smartshares Limited    
FSP349726 Salt Investment Funds Limited    
FSP47401 Trust Investments Management Limited    
FSP34563 Whai Rawa Fund Limited Whai Rawa  

*An authorised body is a related body corporate that has been authorised by FMA to provide a service covered by the licence.

You can find out further details including the provider's business address and list of services on the Financial Service Providers Register.